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Welcome to the future of ATMs

ATM for everyone

Worldline Lithuania and Two Lithuaninan banks – Šaulių bankas and Citadeles came to agreement to handower existing ATM network to Woldline service in 2019. And thats how MEDUS was created. The Lithuanian Credit Union ( LKU) joined Medus network in 2021.


We pay less and less in cash. This reduces the use of ATMs. To keep cash available for everyone, Šiaulių bankas, Citadele Bank and MEDUS are working on a more efficient, bank-independent network of ATMs. In the course of 2019 you will see more and more MEDUS ATMs appearing. And the machines will not only look the same, they will all work the same. Sweet and Handy!


You can withdraw money from Medus ATMs with any bank’s Visa or MasterCard cards


You remain a customer at your own bank


All machines operate the same way


You can withdraw as often and as much money as you have in your account

(as much as the set limit for your card allows)

Find ATM on a map

Do you want to withdraw money? There is always an ATM close to where you live or work. Look at the location guide for an overview of all Medus ATMs. With the location guide you can easily find an ATM in your area.


About us

I am the future of ATMs and the very first independent network of ATMs

Clean, easy to use and a safe way to access your money at any time with no extra, or hidden costs.

My parent company is Worldline Lithuania, which connects and secures card transactions every day. Worldline Lithuania and two Lithuanian banks – Šauliu Bankas and Citadele Bank – have come to an agreement that they will hand over their existing ATM networks to us as an independent outsourced service provider. That is how Medus was created.

Worldline Lithuania has always been a professional service provider with almost 100 employees.

We work daily to connect and secure payment card transactions.

Worldline is one of the largest payment and financial transaction services providers in Europe. Worldline is nearly 45 years old – an exceptional company whose story has been written by the motivation and involvement of its employees. At Worldline, connecting and securing transactions is what we do on a daily basis. Covering the entire payment value chain, our technological experts create and operate digital platforms that handle the millions of highly critical transactions between a company, its partners, and its customers.


What does a Medus ATM look like?

You can recognize a Medus ATM by its bright magenta color.

Is there an ATM in my neighborhood?

You can find the location of any Medus ATM on Google Maps by using our location guide.

How have you determined where the ATMs will be located?

Many ATMs remain in the same place as before. We have chosen new locations in shopping centers or shops. Typically ATMs are located wherever many people circulate. It is important that everyone in Lithuania can withdraw money close to were they live and work.

What services does a Medus ATM provide?

Cash withdrawals, cash deposits, changing your PIN code, checking your balance, transactions in your home currency.

Which cards do the ATMs accept?

I accept all cards VISA, Mastercard and I do like the Šauliu bankas, Citadele bank and Lithuanian Credit Union (LKU) cards the most

What happens if an ATM doesn’t work?

It will inform the host itself. You can always find out when an ATM will be operational again by calling our customer support number: +370 619 90001

Do I have to pay for withdrawing or depositing cash?

If you have a card account with Šauliu bankas, Citadele bank and the Lithuanian Credit Union (LKU), withdrawing money from this bank card is free of charge.

Can I use a Medus ATM if I am not a customer of Šiaulai Bankas or Citadele Bank?

Anyone can withdraw money from a Medus ATM.

What bank notes do you issue?

Medus ATMs provide 5, 10, 20 and 50 EUR notes for your convenience.

What is the maximum amount that I can withdraw per transaction?

One transaction is limited to 700 EUR, but you can withdraw more than 700 EUR with multiple transactions.

What happens if I leave my card in an ATM?

Please call the bank that issued your card to order a new card.

I forgot my PIN code – how can I resolve it?

Please call the bank that issued your card to resolve the issue.

What can I do if the wrong amount is debited from my account?

If you have questions about your account, contact your bank directly. Medus ATMs cannot access your account information.

Is it possible to see my account balance at a Medus ATM?

Customers of Šauliu bankas, Citadele bank and Lithuanian Credit Union (LKU) can view the current account balance

Can I change my card’s PIN code at a Medus ATM?

Customers of Šauliu bankas, Citadele bank and Lithuanian Credit Union ( LKU) can change the PIN code of their card.

Can my data become available to anyone except my bank?

Only your bank can see your data. No one else, not even a Medus ATM.

How can I safely withdraw cash?

Make sure that no one is standing too close to you;

Don’t let a stranger help you;

Pay attention to the amount on the screen;

Follow the commands that appear on the screen.